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Quick Fixes: Snacks to Take on the Go

Quick Fixes Snacks to Take on the Go
It can be tough making it through a long work day without giving into the temptation of a sweet or salty snack. Sometimes there simply is not time to cook a proper meal, and after a while that fast food just looks so convenient. Having high energy snacks to take on the go will not […]
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10 Ways to Jump Start Your Weight Loss

10 Ways to Jump Start Your Weight Loss
Making big changes to the way we eat and the way we work out can be tough. We make big plans to start our weight loss journey, but after the first week or so we begin to find it tough to stick to these aspirations. What is the best way to jump start a weight […]
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5 Common Drinks You Need to Ditch Now

Don’t Drink Your Calories! We all know how important it is to be mindful of what you eat, but how carefully do you read your drink labels? Take a little time to read the drink labels at the supermarket and you’ll find products packed full of sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. Even […]
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5 Tips For Getting A Better Night Sleep

5 Tips For A Better Night Sleep
Here at The TeaTox Shop we’re not only committed to providing you with healthy, organic body detox teas. We want to be a part of your overall healthy lifestyle, this is where our 5 Tips For Getting A Better Night Sleep come in! We all know getting enough sleep is important so we can be […]
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Body Detox Tea : Yerba Mate

yerba mate detox
This is the second installment in our series introducing you to all our ingredients and how they work together to detox your body. If you missed the first installment on Sencha Green Tea, check it out here! Yerba Mate was the obvious 2nd step in putting our Body Detox Tea together. Yerba Mate is made […]
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Body Detox Tea: Sencha Green Tea

Blog Sencha Green Tea
Sencha Green Tea is one of the first ingredients that came to mind when we started planning out our Body Detox Tea. Sencha green tea enabled us to create a truly healthy detox tea that has no fillers, gluten, or laxatives. With minimal processing, this tea is able to retain many of its properties that […]
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Stay hydrated for an energetic life

We underestimate the importance of water in our daily lives. We don’t question the need to fill our cars with petrol but when it comes to topping up the water in our bodies we have a whole range of excuses; from “I don’t like the taste” to “I’m too busy”. We then wonder why we […]
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10 Disturbing Facts About Sugar

The truth about sugar is that it is bad for your health. Yes, I know, it tastes great and makes us feel warm and cosy inside but that doesn’t mean that it is a health builder. When I say sugar, I am talking about refined sugar rather than natural sugars that are found in fruits […]
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How to change your toxic lifestyle

How to change your toxic lifestyle
Are you feeling awful, sluggish and like life is just too much? Maybe you have had a rest or a holiday to feel better and you are surprised that rather than feeling recharged you feel more overwhelmed than ever. It’s time to look at your health from a different perspective. Examine what you put into […]
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8 reasons for detoxing your body

These days it feels as though everything on the supermarket shelf is packed full of salts, preservatives, and about a dozen chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Over time, these toxins build up in the body and make it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Even with exercise and a healthy diet it can take […]
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