Frequently Asked Weight Loss Tea Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship Worldwide for FREE

Do your prices include GST and Taxes?

All GST and Taxes are included in our prices, as well as all customs duties and import costs.

Can I drink the teas whilst breast feeding?

Our teas are made from natural and organic ingredients but we recommend contacting your health practitioner for advice.

How do I contact The Teatox Shop?

We have a friendly team who is always looking to help you. You can either submit a contact request on our site, or ask us on our Instagram page @theteatoxshop

How does the ‘Body Detox’ tea work?

Our specific blend of ingredients work together to help speed up the metabolism, stimulate burning of calories and reduce bloating.

How many tea bags are in the ’14 Day Body Detox’ and ’28 Day Body Detox’?

The ’14 Day Body Detox’ contains 14 tea bags and the ’28 Day Body Detox’ contains 28 tea bags.

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